Septic Repairs

Baffle Replacement

Cause of septic system failure is  deterioration of the septic tank outlet baffle. Baffles are replaced  with non corroding PVC units.

Riser & Lids

If your septic tank access lid is underground it must be constantly dug  up for maintenance and may allow ground water to enter your system.   Adding risers and surface lids makes servicing easier and more  economical and helps maintain your system.

Connecting Lines and Distribution Box (D-Box)

The connecting line between your septic tank and absorption area may corrode or collapse as it ages. The concrete distribution box may also deteriorate. Both components are replaceable and are common repairs on septic systems over 10 years old.

Drainfield repair / replacement

The drain field is commonly the most expensive portion of a septic system. Its operation can be adversely affected by a lack of septic maintenance, excess ground water, plants, shrubs, vehicle traffic and failed components. Our services include everything from simple pipe/component repair to total system replacement. Please see our New Septic Installation section for more on new Septic Systems.


*Note - If repairs are being made based on Septic Inspection, we will need a copy of the County 4 page Septic Inspection report. Call office or click contact us and leave a message for more details.